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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Building A New Home

1. Choosing the wrong builder

Dreaming of building your own home but don’t know where to start looking for Mornington Peninsula home builders? The building company you choose to bring your dream to reality will probably have the biggest impact on how your home turns out.

Some key things to look for when choosing builders Mornington Peninsula:

  1. Choose an established operator who is a member of a peak body, i.e., HIA, Master Builders.
  2. Make sure your builder knows or lives in the area you want to build. Having experience with local councils and building regulations can save a lot of time and avoid delays.
  3. Your builder should have glowing reviews from past customers. Look for evidence they will listen and take the time to understand your needs and vision for your home.

2. Not matching the house design to your lifestyle

It is easy to get carried away designing a home, but it still needs to be practical and functional for everyday life. It is important that you reflect on your day-to-day life and think about what amenities and requirements the house will need. Reflect on not only right now, but the future. 

When you build a Waltara Homes, you will never feel like you’re in a cookie-cutter house. Every family is different so every Waltara Home is different  With Waltara Homes, you have the cost benefits of a volume builder, but with the personalised touch of a custom builder.

At Waltara Homes we build homes for real people and real families. That means offering a greater choice in layouts, design, finishes and special features that have the best long-term value for new home builders. So your home will be as unique as you and your lifestyle – for now and how you’ll grow.

3. Not setting a budget

If you’re planning on designing and building a new home, you probably have some idea of what it will cost you. Still, in a project as large as this, a rough estimate is not something you want to work with.

To avoid huge unexpected costs, you need to have a good idea on budget right from the start. Understanding not only what you are willing to spend but also what you can afford to spend building your new home is important. 

Setting a budget with your custom builder helps you achieve your dream home design within your budget. Custom builders such as Waltara Homes will have a collection of exclusive home designs which they are able to modify and customise to suit the block of land as well as your needs and budget. They will also work directly with architects if you want to design your homes from scratch.

4. Rushing the process

Building a new custom home is an exciting process. It’s easy to get caught up so much that you want to rush through it and get it all done in an unrealistic time frame.

When designing and building a home, there will be bumps along the way and embracing them is part of the process.

At Waltara Homes, we strive to make the experience of building a new home as collaborative, enjoyable and memorable as possible at every opportunity. That’s why Waltara Homes have clear points of contact throughout the building process and keep you in the loop throughout the whole process. 

Learn more about our design process here.

5. Choosing materials that don’t last

Sooner or later all elements of your house will need maintenance. Choose materials and fittings that are easily integrated into the design to allow for ease of maintenance and build a home for a lifetime. After all, if this is your dream house, you want to be living here for as long as possible, right?

Again, this is why choosing a custom builder is beneficial to your build. Custom builders like Waltara Homes will always be more flexible and accommodating than volume builders. They can offer a wider choice in the layout of the house as well as building materials, fittings and decor that will suit you, your family and lifestyle now and in the future.

Rest assured that we will always do our best to help you achieve the home of your dreams within your budget and strive to incorporate those special features that will set your home apart.

To get started, speak to one of our experienced team members at Waltara Homes.

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