Knockdown & Rebuild on the Peninsula

Knockdown & Rebuild

You love your community and know all your neighbours by name. Your children play with their children and go to the same school. At the local shops you’re a familiar face and they’re always happy to see you. The only problem is, you’ve outgrown your home.

For many families wanting the space and benefits of a larger, modern dwelling, a knockdown and rebuild makes a lot of sense. The good news is that it is a remarkably easy and practical way to upgrade your home without leaving the neighbourhood. It usually makes the most economic sense too.

Knockdown rebuilds have a lot of advantages over renovations. Depending on the number of rooms being added, and whether upgrades are needed to things like plumbing and electrics, a renovation can often end up costing just as much as a new build. This is especially true if energy efficiency is important, as improving the rating of older homes needs significant investment. All Waltara Homes are designed to achieve a minimum 6-star energy rating (in Victoria, the average rating is 1.8 stars)

Waltara Homes is a knockdown rebuild specialist. We understand that many families will have a sentimental connection to their existing house and the idea of demolishing and rebuilding can be daunting. Our design team will work with you to create a custom-built home that will serve your growing family and build on the memories of growing up in the neighbourhood

Downsize and Capitalize.

For those homeowners whose kids have left the nest, a knockdown-rebuild of the old family home is an ideal way to unlock property value and create a more practical and suitable dwelling for the next phase of your life.

Many of the houses in the bayside suburbs of the Mornington Peninsula are on blocks that are large enough to subdivide or redevelop as dual occupancy or town houses. This presents the option of creating a new home for yourself and an additional property to sell or generate an ongoing income.

The team at Waltara Homes have a thorough understanding of local planning regulations throughout the Peninsula and will provide you with reliable information on what is and isn’t possible.