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Custom Builder vs Volume Builder

What is the difference between a custom builder and a volume builder?

When choosing between a custom builder and a volume builder or franchise building company it is important to understand how each type of builder will impact on the design of your home, your budget and the quality of workmanship and finishes.

Volume builders include the large companies like Carlisle Homes, Henley Homes, Boutique Homes,  Simonds, Porter Davis and other franchise groups like Gj Gardner, Stroud Homes and Hotondo Homes. They are referred to as volume builders because they will often have hundreds of homes under construction at the same time. Their pricing can be competitive because they buy building materials, fittings, lighting and appliances in bulk. And since they are replicating the same designs, it can be efficient and economical. Of course, this means that any changes you want to make to the house will be very limited or end up costing you a lot more than the original price quoted.

Volume Builders will often buy multiple land allotments in new suburb developments. Some may create display homes in display villages to exhibit their home designs. 

Custom builders are independently owned and operated. They are usually owned by families or partnerships. A custom builder typically builds on land that the client has already purchased or plans to purchase. 

Custom builders will have a collection of exclusive home designs which they are able to modify and customize to suit the block of land as well as the client’s needs and budget. They will also work directly with architects if the clients want to design their homes from scratch.

Custom builder’s will always be more flexible and accommodating than volume builders. They can offer a wider choice in the layout of the house as well as building materials, fittings and decor. With a custom builder your home will be uniquely yours and built to meet your individual needs and circumstances. 

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