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Building a kit home vs using a custom builder

Looking for kit homes in Mornington Peninsula? Waltara Homes are your local builders who specialise in custom homes which have many advantages over kit homes.

Although there are cost savings associated with kit homes, they are designed for speedy assembly which means there are limitations in customising your home to suit you and your lifestyle. Kit homes are DIY so they also require a substantial amount of know-how – so if you’re inexperienced in construction this could lead to both time and money costs. 

As your trusted custom Mornington Peninsula builder, Waltara Homes can help you build your new home. At Waltara Homes, our skill is helping you achieve your vision within your budget. That’s why we offer a greater choice in layouts, design, finishes and special features for better long-term value.

With a custom builder, you get the advantage of an architect-designed home with the efficiency of a kit home.

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