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15 steps to building your dream home on the Mornington Peninsula

Creating and building your family’s Mornington Peninsula dream home calls for very careful planning. Thinking about budgeting and future-proofing your design choices all need to be taken into consideration. How will you know you’re are building with the best luxury home builders mornington peninsula?

Find out exactly what to consider when planning your forever home in 15 steps

  1. Talk to your builder about what is achievable on your block. There may be limitations and council conditions that apply to your site. Chat with family and friends who have been through the building process.
  1. Have a clear budget. Consider your needs for now and in the future. Will there be elderly parents to consider? How many separate areas will you need as the kids continue to grow? 
  1. A knockdown and rebuild will allow you to create a home that’s perfect for you and potentially cheaper than renovating. Renovating limits you to the foundations of what already exists and can restrict your design.
  1. Look for reviews on websites and online building forums. Try and engage with people who have built with builders before and get feedback on the process. 
  1. Furniture placement should be an early part of the design process of your home. You may have a piece of artwork of antique furniture that needs to be perfectly placed, items such as TV placement and the orientation of lounges and fridges need to be considered in the design. 
  1. Your house builder mornington peninsula should listen to your needs and provide realistic quotes early in the process. A detailed review of the site including a geotechnical report and considering the slope of the block may make a significant impact to the cost of build.
  1. Inspect the inclusions on the quote the builder provides as standard. This will alter the price dramatically, a cheap price can mean a cheaper standard of build.
  1. A strong relationship between builder and client is fundamental to success. You need to be as committed to your build as your builder is and promote open, honest communication.
  1. Ensure your budget can achieve the finishes you want. Don’t build the largest house you can afford and then finish it poorly.
  1. Source quotes from local Mornington Peninsula landscape gardeners to get an idea of budget as landscaping can often be more expensive than expected.
  1. Determine the functionality of your outdoor space and consider things such as lighting, ceiling fans, heaters, speakers and cooking facilities. The orientation of the block and the views from the proposed outdoor area are important considerations.
  1. How to get the budget right? Start with the end in mind. Split your budget between house size, façade, internal finishes and landscaping. Better to build a house that’s a little smaller but with a superior internal and external finish.
  1. A clever way to save when building is to is to consider the site costs and conditions. A sloping block will cost more to build on and also landscape. The best idea is to work with your builder to understand the cost implications of the block before you purchase it.
  1. Always keep the local market conditions in mind. Overcapitalising the build for your area is something that you should be aware of.
  1. It’s your largest investment so ensure you use a reputable builder. There should be a significant amount of engineering and investigation of the site prior to entering into a contract that you cannot exit without large penalties. Do not pay large sums of money up front and make sure you check out website reviews of the builder before embarking on your build.

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