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Contemporary home builders Melbourne

Contemporary style explained

When building your new home, choosing a contemporary style means you’ll always have a home that is timeless. It’s a simple approach to decorating and when done correctly, it will never date.

The way to achieve a contemporary style is to keep it simple, using clean lines, add textured materials and sprinkle in a little flare. Get the balance right and the result will be a contemporary styled home of elegance.

How to achieve this style in your new home

Start by chatting to our expert design team at Waltara Homes to help you put your thoughts into plans and are experts at new custom built homes.

Let’s start with the interior, begin with the wall paint, it’s best to select a tone of white, grey or black. Then match your carpet or floor tiles in a similar tone. After those two elements have been chosen, bring in some texture and pops of colour to your furnishings. 

When choosing your external colours, go for a dark tone for your brick or render and then to lighten up your exterior add a feature of a neutral wood or stone. The secret to matching light and dark colours together, is to ensure the underlining tone of these colours match. 

Our design team will help you choose all floorings, colours, fittings and finishes.

Contact us today and speak to our design team to build your contemporary home.

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