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Unit and Townhouse development

Here in Australia, the word townhouse refers to a contemporary home with a terrace style. A unit however can be single storied and not necessarily terrace styled. Actually, people tend to differentiate one from the other based on the number of stories each building has. However, that is not always true. 

Let’s chat about units

A unit can be an apartment, a villa or home. An apartment is where a group of units are contained in one storey or a multi-storied building. A villa or home is when there are one or many single storey buildings that share a common driveway.

One of the main differences between a unit and a townhouse is that a unit gives more importance to the building. Hence, it is understood that a unit may not have a terrace style.

Unit always means individual and hence it refers to an independent house. So, a home unit is a self-contained house inclusive of garden and courtyard and is an independent construction. 

When do we call a home a Townhouse?

A townhouse is usually a terraced house with multiple floors. In the past, when British aristocracy was existing in power, the townhouse was a luxury that only nobles could enjoy because only they could afford it.

Now, let’s see what townhouse refers to when it means a particular structure. When it comes to the features of a townhouse, more importance is given to the terrace part of it. Townhouses are generally seen in complexes. You will often see swimming pools, parks, playground areas and gym too in these large townhouse complexes.

Our expert design team and home builders mornington here at Waltara Homes has developed multi-residential blocks throughout the Peninsula and can advise you on how to make the best use of the property. We can help you with every stage from planning and design, to navigating approval, to quality construction.

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