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If you have any questions, or want to learn more about our building process, please get in touch with us today. Our friendly, experienced consultants will be in touch to discuss your circumstances and offer some clear guidance.

Units & Townhouse Building Tips

Choose the right builders early on

Involving builders who have experience in unit and townhouse builds on the Mornington Peninsula will help you save time and avoid simple mistakes.

Choosing Waltara Homes will make sure your build goes smoothly and gives a good return on your investment. Buyers and renters are more discerning today when it comes to their properties so it’s important to have a custom designed home that suits the people living in it.

The team at Waltara are the Mornington Peninsula experts and know every community. We will help you to get all the necessary permits and approvals to meet the requirements of each area.

Choose a home design that suits the area

For those looking to downsize or invest in their next project, Mornington Peninsula is seeing a growing demand for units and townhouses. The larger Mornington Peninsula blocks present the option of creating a new home for yourself and an additional property to sell, or generate an ongoing income.

Waltara Homes is a trusted builder with a strong reputation on the Mornington Peninsula and has been building new homes since 1989. They understand how Mornington Peninsula units and townhouses need to meet different needs according to the community.

Do your research

One of the biggest mistakes investors and downsizers make is buying a block to build units and townhouses before doing the proper research. Each site will come with its own complexities – including slope, orientation and council restrictions – so it pays to seek quality advice early.

Our expert design team and home builders mornington here at Waltara Homes have developed multi-residential blocks throughout the Peninsula and can advise you on how to make the best use of the property. We can help you with every stage from planning and design, to navigating approval, to quality construction.

Learn more about Units and Townhouses here.

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