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Top 5 tips to building a townhouse in Melbourne

Whether you’re building a townhouse for your family or for an investment opportunity, you need a quality home builder that understands your requirements and can deliver a home that meets them. We have 5 tips to ensure a successful townhouse development.


Townhouses are often built on small, subdivided land and your house design needs to complement your space. You’re going to have to follow a few rules and regulations, working with a good builder in Melbourne like Waltara Homes can help you avoid any unwanted surprises and make the most out of what you have.

Effortless Charm
If you have a bigger space, you can still keep it simple. Having a complicated space can become impractical and cause unwanted additional maintenance. Get an expert builder like Waltara to guide you the best way to maintain an economical building footprint, make use of natural light, beautiful views and find the best use of your space.

Keep it unique

Townhouses are becoming more popular so how do you keep yours unique? Simple, add your own personal touch to it. Small details go a long way in creating a personal touch. Grow a veggie patch, create your own garden bed, perhaps decorate your walls with work from Mornington Peninsula artists or images. These small details make mornington homes unique.

Love thy neighbour

In terms of the townhouse development, your neighbours should think that your property adds to the look and appeal of your street and not detract from it. Make sure that your Melbourne builder helps you make an informed decision about your layout and plans. Use the surroundings in your street to complement your house and vice versa. You want your neighbours to believe you are adding value to the street.

Follow the process

The Western Port, Port Phillip Bay and inland districts are seeing rapid growth and there is a growing demand for townhouses and units. Our expert design team at Waltara Homes has developed multi-residential blocks throughout the Peninsula and can advise you on how to make the best use of the property. We can help you with every stage from planning and design, to navigating approval, to quality construction.

Find an experienced townhouse builder that knows Melbourne, speak to one of our team members today.


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