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Not sure whether to knockdown and rebuild or renovate?

We have 7 questions that will help you decide whether to renovate or knock down and rebuild.

There are obvious things like budget and time that need to be considered. However, there are some bigger issues at play, and these are the real questions to ask if you’re struggling with whether to renovate or detonate your coastal home.

  1. Can I knock down my house and re-build in my area?

In some areas of the Mornington Peninsula, council planning laws prohibit houses of a certain age, or specific historical importance, from being demolished or significantly changed (especially in their appearance to the street). Check with your local council what the rules are in demolishing a home such as yours.

  1. Are your renovation requirements significant?

So, how much extra room are you wanting? If the changes you want are significant (especially structural changes) and it leaves very little of the existing home, then a renovation may be best bang for your buck.

  1. Does your home face the right direction?

Ideally you want your living areas to face north-easterly and/or have northern sunlight streaming in. If your home faces the wrong direction, and there’s no room on your block to extend for solar access – or massive structural modifications need to be made, then again, a renovation may not be your best option.

  1. Get your home appraised?

Talk to some Mornington Peninsula agents about what your home is worth now, what it would be worth when renovated, versus what a brand-new home of that size would sell for.

Is your home already valued at the top amount payable in the area? Or is your existing home one of the smallest in your suburb, with buyers wanting to buy bigger renovated homes? Is your area one where brand new homes are actually what people want to buy? Set your budget so you don’t overcapitalise regardless of what you choose.

  1. Renovating will always cost more than building from scratch.

This relates largely to renovation be a bespoke, unique-to-the-individual home that is time consuming and labour intensive. Brand new homes can be built quickly, using systems and modern materials that maximise efficiency and save time.

  1. Love your existing home? Then do your research.

You love your home; it just needs a few tweaks, but you don’t know how structurally sound it is. Do you know much about the current state of your home, and what you might have to potentially repair or replace to make your renovation work? Get some advice on how costly that will be, and how much of your renovation budget will need to be dedicated to it. Can that fit in your budget or is the old home really cost prohibitive and you are better off knocking it down.

  1. There are two types of home-lovers. Know which one you are.

There are two types of home-lovers. One loves the character of a home, its history and the story it tells. They love the idea of adding another chapter to that story and breathing new life into their home. If this is you, you are a renovator.

Home-lover number two loves the idea of living in a home that no one else has lived in before. The Brand-new feeling of a home they can shape into what they want it to be. Whilst there might be external restrictions, these home-lovers like to build new homes.

You can can like both types but I think you’ll know which one you identify with, and which approach will make you happiest in creating the perfect coastal home for you with builders mornington.

Learn more about Knockdown and Rebuild with Waltara Homes here.

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