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Mornington Peninsula Builders Specialising in KnockDown Rebuild

Waltara Homes are the knockdown and rebuild specialists on the Mornington Peninsula. 

Knockdown rebuild vs renovating

People often ask if it is better to knock down and rebuild or renovate? 

When considering knockdown rebuilds or renovation it is important to consider:

1: Is the original home is worth keeping?

2: What is the cost of updating or modernising the existing building?

3: If you intend to remain in the house during the renovation, how will it  interrupt your lifestyle 

4: Will the renovated home meet your needs as much as a newly built home?

In most cases, the cost of renovating will be greater than the cost of rebuilding. It is often more expensive to update an old house than build from scratch. This is because the older buildings will still need to have things like electrical wiring, plumbing, and insulation updated. Old houses have low energy efficiency which can be very expensive to upgrade to today‚Äôs standards. If hazardous substances like asbestos are discovered, or if there are hidden structural problems, the cost of renovation can easily balloon. 

Most of the older houses on the Mornington Peninsula were built as beach holiday houses rather than permanent homes. The quality of the build is often poor and they are rarely of architectural value. Therefore there is little to gain by retaining the old building.

Many holiday homes and beach shacks on the Mornington Peninsula are on big blocks. There are many opportunities to knock down and build new homes or multi-unit development.

Waltara Homes can handle every step of the knock-down rebuild process from surveying the land and offering the best options, to the architectural designs, getting the right permits and approvals. We will handle the removal of the original home and manage every stage of construction, interior decoration and finishes and landscaping.

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