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If you have any questions, or want to learn more about our building process, please get in touch with us today. Our friendly, experienced consultants will be in touch to discuss your circumstances and offer some clear guidance.

Choosing the right builder in Mornington Peninsula

Know the process and what facts are important when planning your build on the Mornington Peninsula. We have a checklist to help you discover which builder is right to build your coastal home.

How to choose a custom home builder mornington

Select a designer and work with them to finalise your floorplan and create working drawings with all specifications complete.

  1. Deliver your finalised plans and working drawings to three local custom builders and set up a meeting to discuss your plans.
  2. Within your meeting request, ensure your set a date to have a quote submitted, a month is reasonable.
  3. Compare your quotes.
  4. Ask to view some of their recent builds and a walk through any builds in progress.
  5. Your builder should offer the best outcome in regard to finished product, service and price.
  6. Get to know your builder. Have a casual meeting to discuss the building quote so you can see if you can trust them and can work with them.
  7. Choose your coastal builder.

How to choose a from the volume home builders mornington

Email your completed Builder’s Brief and Welcome Home Checklist, to three volume builders.

  1. Include in your email your budget and ideal location. Request a time to meet so you can view floorplan options that are within your budget.
  2. Carefully compare the proposals you receive from each builder.
  3. Choose the builder who can tick all of the boxes in regard to floorplan, conditions, service and price.
  4. Within the proposal/quote, ask them to include all hidden costs and extra costs to be considered such as crossovers, double driveway (if applicable), paths, landscaping and fencing. If they don’t do the works you need to know as you will still need to include them in your budget.
  5. When using a Volume Builder, the builders will not be your initial contact or be the one to sell you the home.
  6. Finally, decide on your volume builder.

Learn more about custom Building on the Mornington Peninsula here.

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