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How to build your home on a steep block

Everything You Need To Know about building on a sloping block

If you have set your sights on purchasing and building on a sloping block of land with a view, then Waltara Homes are the builders for you.

As a true custom builder, Waltara Homes has the flexibility and capacity to work with an unusually shaped or sloping block.

Our expert design team has developed multi-residential blocks throughout the Peninsula and can advise you on how to make the best use of the property. We can help you with every stage from planning and design, to navigating approval, to quality construction.

At Waltara Homes, our skill is helping you achieve your vision – no matter how tricky your block is. We do this by offering a greater choice in layouts, design, finishes, and special features for better long-term value so your home can grow with you and your family.

What is a sloping block?

A sloping block means that the land you are planning to build on is on an incline or decline and isn’t flat like standard building sites.

The block will have uneven levels of elevation. This will generally mean a rise or fall of approximately three metres or less across the building area.

Why build on a sloping block?

There are many reasons why people build on sloping blocks on the Mornington Peninsula

These include:

  • Stunning coastal views
  • Creative Custom Home Design
  • Natural Light Design
  • Spacious Home Design
  • Unique Landscape Design

Book an Appointment with a Building Consultant

Our design team and home builders in Mornington Peninsula are experts in sloping block builds and can advise you on how to make the best use of the location.

If you’d like to speak to our team of expert builders in mornington about your project, or you already have a project approved and ready to go, Contact us and book an appointment with a Waltara Homes building consultant today!

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