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How to choose the best Mornington builder for your dream coastal home

Are you searching for the right custom builders mornington to build your new architecturally designed coastal home?

For many, building a new coastal home may happen once in a lifetime, so here are 5 tips to make sure you choose the right building company to bring your dream home to life.

No.1 – Ensure  the builder is a specialist

Your luxury builder should feature as a master builder on websites such as Master Builders Victoria and the Housing Industry Association (HIA). Ensure your coastal builder has extensive experience and specialist expertise in the type of construction work you’re after. 

Experts know the value of having specialised managers and subcontractors. Which means you have a builder who can identify issues early and will guarantee a smoother build and reach final inspection without a hitch.

No. 2 – Is your chosen builder trustworthy

When you’re choosing a builder and you meet the team for the first time, do you instantly like and trust them? How the builder treats you initially indicates how they will treat you throughout the build. Ask yourself, were they prompt in returning your phone calls and messages? Did they offer to meet you in person? Did they give you feedback and advice regarding the building process?

Check out your coastal home builders mornington peninsula online, do they have a website with an extensive gallery? Look closely at the quality of the homes they have built, from construction to the finishing touches. A reputable builder will have a great website and great Google reviews. Another tip is to request to see any currently builds in progress. A site visit to a current build allows you to see the workmanship you are to expect in your new home.

No.3 Are they professional

A professional builder will be transparent from when you first meet to when they handover the keys. Look for a builder who works with you from the beginning to ensure your expectations are met. Having the right processes, staff and open communication ensures all expectations are met.

A great coastal builder will have a clearly defined construction schedule in place to ensure tasks are completed as planned and delivered on time. This schedule should be shared with you and progress should be communicated with you during each stage of the build. It’s not just the end destination that’s important, it’s the road taken to get there. 

No. 4 Itemised and comprehensive quotes

When quoting a home build there are many things to factor into the final price. Briefing meetings between builder and homeowner should take place to determine what needs to be included in the home. These meetings are vital in ensuring that what you envisage is included in the building quote.

A site visit from the builder is important to gauge the available access to the block, utilities and to measure the slope of the block. All which needs to be factored into your quote.

Your coastal builder will provide quantities of materials needed, Council fees and inspections, insurances, steel, concrete, termite protection, bricklaying, carpentry work, roof installation, insulation, appliances, painting, laying of tiles, plumbing and electrical – you get the hint!

No. 5  Your builder should be personable

When building your coastal home, the process can be overwhelming. Decisions need to be made around demolition, excavation, electrical, plumbing and of course selecting your finishes. A builder who can easily explain every step of the process will result in a more enjoyable build and experience.

A building company who is in control of the building process can put your mind at ease. If any issues arise, they can be dealt with immediately. You can be sure that you will get to know your builder and their trusted trades on a personal level and that your experience of building a new home will be enjoyable. Keep this in mind when choosing your builder to ensure that you get a more personable, stress-free experience.

The planning stage can take up to 12 months prior to building. So, get comfy, it’s going to be a long-term relationship. A builder and their team that are positive and friendly and can talk you through every step of the process will make sure the relationship is a healthy one.

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