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How to choose a local custom builder vs a volume builder

Want to know which type of builder you want to build your coastal home? Don’t waste valuable time with the wrong builders mornington. We’ve got a breakdown of what you need to know.

Local Custom Builder

A custom builder will build to your custom design or will often have designs for you to choose from.

Custom builders are likely to be hands-on local builders who pride themselves on the individual quality and style. When using a custom builder, the builder is often the initial contact too.  They’ll be your go-to person from start to finish and will share in the excitement of your building journey.

One of the greatest advantages of using a custom builder is you can choose to have your home designed independently by an architect or draftsman or choose from an extensive range of quality floorplans that are able to be adjusted to suit your style and budget.

Volume Builder

Volume builders only build from their set of floorplans.

Volume builders use modern sales and marketing strategies to sell their standardised homes. The attraction to a volume builder is usually their very well-presented floorplans and well fitted out display homes.  Homes are advertised at a base price and offer upgrades in the form of promotional packages. Volume builders often pair with landowners to offer House and Land Packages, making it easy for the homeowner. 

What you need to keep in mind when choosing a volume builder is that everything is finalised before you start.  All details are set, right down to the colour of your walls. Any changes to these will come at a cost.  If you would like to be involved during the construction phase or would like to make changes to things as you go, perhaps a local custom builder might be the go for your coastal dream home.

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