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Tips and Tricks on how to choose a builder in Mornington

Dreaming of building your own home but don’t know where to start looking for builders mornington? The building company you choose to bring your dream to reality will probably have the biggest impact on how your home turn out.

As you start researching home builders mornington peninsula you’ll see there are basically three different types of builder:

1.The Volume Home Builders:

These are the big companies with competitive pricing that you’ve probably seen advertised on TV. Volume builders mostly offer house and land packages and often have display homes in new suburbs. 

2.The Franchised Home Builders:

These are companies made up of small builders who buy the franchise to operate under the same name in a particular area. So, the head office advertises to attract customers and when you enquire, you’ll be directed to the franchise in your area.

3.The Custom Home Builders:

Most custom builders are independently owned and operated. They build on the client’s land and will usually have a collection of house designs which they can modify to suit a client’s block and needs. A custom builder will always be able to offer a large degree of modifications and choices. They can also build to the client’s own architectural plans. 

Some key things to look for when choosing builders Mornington Peninsula Victoria:

  1. Choose an established operator who is a member of a peak body, i.e., HIA, Master Builders.
  2. Make sure your builder knows or lives in the area you want to build. Having experience with local councils and building regulations can save a lot of time and avoid delays.
  3. Your builder should have glowing reviews from past customers. Look for evidence they will listen and take the time to understand your needs and vision for your home.
  4. When reading reviews, look for instances where issues were attended to in a timely and satisfactory manner and whether the builder took responsibility.
  1. Ask your builder what process they have in place to inform you of how your build is progressing.

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