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Creating and building your family home is a decision you want to get right! So, choosing the right builder is the most essential step. A builder such as Waltara Homes is a family business, inspired by and built upon the love and sacrifice of family past and present. The way Waltara operates always supports the healthy and happy family life of our staff and our customers. You know you’ll be safe with a in Waltara’s hands, one of the best new house builders Melbourne.

Every day, hundreds of families across Melbourne’s southeast and the Peninsula wake up in a Waltara-built home. It’s a proud legacy that is set to continue.

It all began with Walter Turnbull Phillips in the 1950s who left Scotland for a new life in Australia, settling in bayside Melbourne. Walter, a carpenter by trade was soon building houses. His son, also called Walter, worked alongside him learning the trade.

In 1989 WALTARA was launched, a name created by combining Walter with his wife’s name Barbara. Over the next two decades, Waltara Homes would build hundreds of new homes throughout the new suburbs that sprung up on Melbourne’s southeast fringe.

Fast forward to 2021 and Walter Turnbull’s grandson, Scott decided to re-establish the family’s business for the next generation. Scott says that becoming a father himself has made him reflect on the value of family and the goodwill earned by his father and grandfather – a gift too precious to lose. 

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