Scott Phillips

Where do you live? (locality) I have 2 acres for my kids to enjoy a small part of rural Mornington Peninsula

How many children do you have (if any) including fur babies? Hudson is 13, Aubrey is 11, Reuben is 7                   

The thing I love most about my job is…the team I’ve brought together who I love sharing our achievements and houses we’ve built together 

My superpower at work is…My experience and I’m hard worker 

My goto karaoke song is… not enough beer/spirits on the shelf to get me up there… well maybe there is but I wouldn’t remember what I would of sung the next morning

What’s one thing that people are always surprised to learn about you? That I’m silly enough to still be playing AFL super rules at my age, I’ve travelled to 45 different countries, or another is I’ve climbed a frozen waterfall always gets a strange look back when I mention it 

I think the best thing about the Mornington Peninsula is… There couldn’t be just one thing right? Beaches, the people, golf courses, my family is here

My favourite spots in Mornington Peninsula… 

  • Fish & Chips – Flinders fish & chips (eaten on the beach on a summer night)
  • Pizza –  Ciao Bella Pizzeria and wine bar at Balnarring
  • Pub – Kirks Mornington, back bar with the boys 
  • Grocery store – Dromana IGA
  • Market – Red Hill Community Market
  • Bakery – Flinders Sourdough
  • Winery – Montalto
  • Beach – I can’t indulge as I love my quiet beach that is off the beaten track
  • Walking track – once again I can’t indulge as kept local secret
  • Fishing spot – Boating in the Westernport 
  • Favorite golf course – St Andrews Beach Golf Course 

My favourite time of year on the Peninsula is… February, when all the holiday makers have left from the summer holidays and kids back at school where have the beautiful beaches and awesome sunsets to enjoy with the long daylight afternoons

My favourite place to watch the sunset is…Murrays Lookout

Here’s a bit of trivia about the Mornington Peninsula that you may not know…

The first shot was fired in World War 1 was at Portsea at a German supply ship trying to leave Port Phillip bay.