Reza Habibi

Where do you live? (locality)  Safety Beach


How many children do you have (if any) including fur babies?                 1


My role at Waltara Homes is…Estimator


I have been in this role for…        4/3            (years/months)                


The thing I love most about my job is…being a part of our projects cycle from the beginning until handing over jobs


My superpower at work is…attention to details I think, if we ignore things that I miss in my estimating, hahaa                                   


My goto karaoke song is…for whom the bell tolls, Metallica


What’s one thing that people are always surprised to learn about you?                         


I think the best thing about the Mornington Peninsula is…beautiful beaches and nature, peaceful suburbs and nice restaurants / bars


What is your favourite Mornington Peninsula… 

Cafe/Coffee spot –     biscotini

Fish & Chips –

Pizza –                         gods kitchen

Pub – 

Restaurant                  Kirks

Grocery store – 

Market –                      main street Wednesday market

Bakery – 


Beach –                        Dromana beach

Walking track –           Bay Trail

Fishing spot – 

Other – please add anything else not covered by these categories, e.g. shops, boutiques, farms, attractions etc.


My favourite time of year on the Peninsula is…     spring and summer time 


My favourite place to watch the sunset is…            Dromana Beach


Here’s a bit of trivia about the Mornington Peninsula that you may not know…