Jock Holland

Business Name:  P,Holland & co Pty Ltd Concreting

What seperates us from other businesses: Loyalty

I have been in this role for…       Business has been trading for 45 years

The thing a love about my job/business is that we play a part in making a person or families Aussie dream come true by building a house of there dreams.My Family has worked for Waltara Homes firstly my father for 45 years and now myself for the past 25 years.

My Go to Karoake song is (Your the Voice By John Farnham)

My Favourite beer was VB but as I’ve got older,wiser and definitely slower It now is Great Northern Mid Strength.

I have been in this role for…   The thing that most people are shocked with is my name is actually Michael Holland not Jock. I think my mums the only one that calls me Michael still.

I think the best thing about the Mornington Peninsula is…I love the Mornington Peninsula for its friendly and vibrant community.

My Favourite things at the Peninsula are definitely the amazing golf courses.