Where do you live? (locality)  Cranbourne East


How many children do you have (if any) including fur babies? 0


My role at Waltara Homes is… Project/client relationship manager


I have been in this role for…   5  years


The thing I love most about my job is… Helping people build there forever home


My superpower at work is… managing all the different personalities. 


My goto karaoke song is… Footloose


What’s one thing that people are always surprised to learn about you? My age


I think the best thing about the Mornington Peninsula is… The lifestyle of beach/relax but still do business. 


What is your favourite Mornington Peninsula… 


(Please name any favourites businesses/ locations. If you don’t have one, just leave it blank)


Cafe/Coffee spot – 

Fish & Chips –

Pizza –  DOC 

Pub – Gods kitchen or Kirks

Grocery store – 

Market – Main street

Bakery –  Chocolate

Winery – Foxeys Hangout

Beach – Safety Beach

Walking track – 

Fishing spot – 

Other – please add anything else not covered by these categories, e.g. shops, boutiques, farms, attractions etc.


My favourite time of year on the Peninsula is… Summer


My favourite place to watch the sunset is… Sorrento


Here’s a bit of trivia about the Mornington Peninsula that you may not know…